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2 Kingdoms 4 Thrones

2 Kingdoms 4 Thrones is a game based on Reversi in which the possession of the 4 corners is a bigger advantage for the victory.

Instead of the usual 8x8 board with black and white pawns, the game takes place in a 3D world inspired by ancient Asia where 2 Kingdoms are fighting each other to control the territory.

The player can choose 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Advanced, Expert.


游戏: 2 Kingdoms 4 Thrones
设备: Web
种类: Board game
版: 1.0
价格: Free


The rules of 2 Kingdoms 4 Thrones are similar to the rules of the Reversi game except that a pawn in a corner of the board (a throne) counts 5 points instead of 1 point. The other difference is that white and black pawns are replaced by blue and red soldiers.

Get more soldiers by reversing the opponent's soldiers. To do so, place a soldier in a way that opponent's soldiers are between 2 of your soldiers. You can do that when the pointer has the color of your kingdom.

The game is finished when it's no more possible to add a soldier.

The player having the higher score at the end wins.


Let the button of the mouse pressed while the pointer is on the battleground to zoom.

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