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By playing with Tony, the child can develop its abilities and knowledge while having fun.

Tony is an application especially designed to support the education of babies and very young children.
The games are thought in a way to encourage the learning by reducing the failure and frustration feelings and by increasing the rewarding feeling.
Thus the child will have pleasure to progress as its parents will observe by looking at the statistics screen.

The child can play himself with Tony because no special skill is required but the use of the touch screen. He'll learn easily to use the application without having to be able to read. However the presence of an adult is advised to oversee.


Game: TONY
Device: iPhone, iPod
Category: Educational game
Version: 1.2
Price: $1.99

  • Ergonomics adapted to the very young children.
  • 160 colored and animated objects that can by handled with fingertips.
  • Realistic 3D objects easy to recognize.
  • A catalogue of objects classified into 12 categories.
  • A game in which the child has to find the object corresponding to a given color.
  • A game in which the child has to link a written number and a number of displayed objects.
  • A game in which the child has to find the missing piece of an object.
  • Back-up of the 10 last results of each game in statistic screens.
Skills practiced individually:
  • Memorization of shapes and colors.
  • Understanding of the numbers.
  • Identification of common objects.
  • Logical association of complementary objects.
  • Handling of an objects in a three dimensions virtual space.
  • Intuitive understanding of the touch-sensitive commands.
  • Learn and play in an autonomous way.
Skills practiced with the help of an adult:
  • Learn the name of objects.
  • Learn the name of colors.
  • Learn the name of numbers.
  • Learn to count.
  • Find an object by finding its corresponding category.
Handling of 3D objects:
  • Animation: Touch the object with the fingertip a short time (not available in the « missing part » game).
  • Rotation: Touch the object with the fingertip and make it slides on the screen.
  • Enlargement/Reduction: Put two fingers next to the object. Make them slide on the screen and move them further apart to enlarge the object or move them closer to reduce it.
  • The icon allowing accessing the statistics screen is located on the bottom left corner of each game screen and looks like a red bar with the number 10.
  • Let your finger pressed more than 15 seconds on this icon to reset the statistics to 0.

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